Hey there,

I’ll make this short and informal…

My name’s Alan, I’m a 33 year geek with a bad habit for having to find out more than is necessary!  I started playing golf in my early teens when my Dad would drag me out, while I hated it most of the time, I have to admit it was a good feeling hit a peach of a straight shot down the fairway, over trees or hazards and landing beautifully on the pin.

More recently it’s become a re-found passion and my Dad hasn’t stopped playing since getting me started.  For his 60th birthday he wanted a GPS watch and in my attempt to find the best one for the money (as well as one he’d use) this website was born.  Read the reviews, enjoy the articles and don’t forget to visit the merchants (mainly Amazon) where you’ll find dozens more reviews on the good, the bad and the ugly…

It’s my hope is that you’ll find something useful, something interesting and if you’re buying a GPS or rangefinder — you’ll pick the right one for you — enjoy the beautiful game!

Alan (& his Golf Loving Dad)

P.S.  If you know of anyone who might find this site useful please feel free to share it and pass it round, thanks!

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