Bushnell Neo Plus Golf GPS Review

Golf GPS Bushnell NeoThe Bushnell Neo Plus is a small, compact and very tidy little GPS that keeps things simple. With a great little battery lasting 16 hours and over 25,000 courses mapped, the large text screen gives you the distance to the front, middle and back of the green plus key hazards at a glance.

The device clips onto your belt and will automatically recognize the course you are on and has auto-hole advance. It’s durable, waterproof and so simple you can play an entire round without touching a button.

A real little gem from Bushnell.

Extra Details:

  • Adheres to USGA rules
  • NO membership fees payable
  • Power cord, USB cable, belt clip and quick start guide provided
  • Internal re-chargeable lithium-ion battery included
  • 25,000 pre-loaded courses
  • One-year limited warranty

Strong Comments on the Neo Plus

Value for money, can’t complain, you can pick up the Neo+ for around $100 at Amazon where it gets an average 4/5 star review.

For a simple unit it’s accurate and clips to your belt (just make sure you hear a click when you attach it, otherwise it will fall off). The screen is a good size folk can read it without their glasses

Favorite features include the ability to add 4 custom points to each hole which is particularly useful for playing your regular course.

Negative Comments on the Neo+

The biggest downsides are the time it can take to pick up the satellites. Up to 5 minutes and occasionally more. My advice, don’t stand on the 1st tee waiting for it to fire up. Get it on quick!

There is some confusion over registration and payment to iGolf for course updates. Some folk shelled out extra money but the fees should already be included. And for only registrations etc remember you have the Neo Plus (not Neo).

The most common issue has been users manually selecting courses. While this isn’t a big deal in itself, when a system is supposed to automatically recognize a course and a hole… it should do exactly that.

But, at least there is a work-round for any issues.

Overview: Bushnell Neo Plus Golf GPS

You have to remember you do get what you pay for and while the Bushnell Neo Plus is super-cheap you can’t expect it to do everything (or last forever).

Many of negatives seem to be sporadic complaints, maybe a problem with the buttons or customer support.

When it comes to low-frills, simple measurements it’s hard to go wrong. It is frustrating that the advertised features of automatically finding courses and holes needs to be done manually – they should sort that out.

All in all a good product for the money, an average user review of 4/5 is pretty good with the over 50% of users giving it a whooping 5/5 stars.

While you can view most of the top selling golf GPS units HERE the bottom line is you won’t find a cheaper golf GPS than the Bushnell Neo Plus.

You do have to be careful not to pay more than necessary, I’ve seen the Neo+ sell for between $100 and $149 the cheapest being Amazon.com where you get free shipping as well.

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