Callaway Golf Diablo Octane Rangefinder by Nikon

Callaway Golf Diablo Octane by NikonCompetitively priced, Callaway have sought out image specialists — Nikon — to help out with their Octane Rangefinder and battle it out with Bushnell in the rangefinder wars.

For more than $50 less than the Bushnell V2 Tour, you’ll get better magnification with the Callaway and seriously crisp optics thanks to Nikon. The 6x magnification gives the Callaway an edge on the V2 with it’s 5x lens.

Downside to the Callaway versus the Bushnell V2 is the distance. The V2 is accurate up to 1000 yards against a reflective target. while the Callaway has a maximum range of 500 yards.

For most folk this isn’t going to be a big deal other than ‘interest and curiosity!’

Bushnell make a big thing of their excellent Pinseeker technology which picks the pin out and separates it from the trees in the background. Callaway have cleverly come back with their own first target priority system to pick out the pin, a bunker or closer object even with trees in the background. A good move by the folk at Callaway.

Durable, lightweight and water proof the Callaway rangefinder comes with a carrying case to keep it safe (and securely attached to your bag or cart).

Personally I hate having anything other than a tee in my pocket but at 5.1 X 1.5 X 2.7 in, you can even swing a club with it in on your person.

Callaway Rangefinder Features

The biggest thing Callaway have going against them here is Bushnell really are the experts when it comes to laser rangefinders with a years of experience creating them for outdoor pursuits and hunting.

That said…

For just $252 (that’s with a $97 saving at Amazon) you’re going to struggle to match the features of the Callaway with it’s rivals. The Bushnell V2 retails closer to $100 or you could check out the Bushnell Medalist for a modest $229.99.

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