Callaway Golf UPRO MX Golf GPS – Why You Should Be Careful Before Buying!

Callaway Golf uPro MX Golf GPS ReviewNot to be confused with the’Callaway upro the uPro MX edition is a touchscreen update released in Spring 2011.

Designed as an easier to use edition, the small, sleek device fits comfortably into your pocket while playing and comes with an array of impressive features (see the video).

  • Score keeping functions
  • Distance to the front, middle and back of the green
  • Hazard view and distance to the hazards on any hole
  • High resolution screen, easy to read on a sunny day
  • Improved GPS locking so it works in bad weather, under trees and in your pocket or bag

With no annual fees and over 25,000 courses pre-loaded and a super-impressive fly over of the holes (if you upgrade to ProMode) the Callaway uPro MX had the potential to be something great.

See the Callaway uPro MX HERE

Unfortunately with bugs in the system and problems with battery life Callaway offered everyone who bought a refund or Callaway Gift vouchers.

For the money, possible alternatives to the Callaway uPro MX are the Garmin G3 or more Garmin Approach G5.

Check out uPro alternatives HERE

The Callaway uPro MX comes with three different modes. Basic and GoMode are free and come as standard.

The Basic mode essentially gives you the all important basics. Distance to the front, middle and back of the green. All in an easy to read display.

The GoMode uses a graphic image to display a view of the hole and the green. In GoMode you can use the ‘AnyPoint’ feature to measure the distance to any point on or near the green.

ProMode is where the real fun starts although you will have to pay $29.99 to upgrade for the 25 course plan or $59.99 for an unlimited course plan.

With ProMode you get a visually impressive fly-over of the hole like you’d expect on TV. An accurate birds eye view of the layout of the hole, location of the hazards and 250, 150, and 100 yard markers to help you assess distance.

The AnyPoint technology lets you touch and get an estimate of the distance to your target, then a second touch lets you find out how far your second shot will have to be. For example, touch the middle of the fairway to find the distance for your drive and the touch a second target to see how far your second shot will have to be to hit the green (or get close).

The Good Stuff…

Is without doubt the features you get for the money, retailing at around $200, it’s impressive and when you see the fly-overs in ProMode you’ll be blown away.

So all in pricing, expect to pay around $270 through a retailer like Amazon.

The Callaway is quick and responsive while the GPS is super accurate.

Read the Callway uPro MX Quickstart Guide HERE

Then the Bad Stuff..

Unfortunately, despite all the potential — Callaway failed to deliver on this one. Unless you’re technical wizard and patient when it comes to batteries, you won’t be happy.

Hundreds of negative reviews were allegedly removed from and one of the best features of the uPro (the ability to record the distance you hit with every club and thus monitor your performance with every club) removed.

The recall notice and offering of refunds to all buyers by Callaway sums up the final thoughts although — watch this space — because I’m sure they’ll be back.

Worthwhile alternatives worth checking out include the classy Garmin Approach Range.

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