Compare Golf GPS and Range Finders Online: Top 6 Factors to Consider

With more and more golf players relying on their handy gps watches and rangefinders the market has become increasingly crowded and competitive.

So what should you look for in a Golf GPS device, watch or laser range finder?  What do you use to compare golf gps and range finders?

We have a look at the biggest factors from users (… price is an obvious so we’ll skip that one)!

  • Battery life

This is a biggie! From watches that last 8 hours through to the Bushnell range finder than can go weeks on a single charge… how much do you play?

If you’re the kind golfer who’ll play two rounds, maybe three back to back or over a weekend — check out battery life. Watches tend to have the shortest, pocket sized GPS systems slightly longer or range-finders the longest.

  • Membership or Annual Fees

Less and less common as the market place becomes more competitive. Membership fees can vary from $29.95 through to $129.95 per year depending on the ‘level of service’ you want.

Some brands like the SkyCaddie GPS require annual memberships.

  • Speed of connection to satellite

If you’re a speedy player waiting for an update as your GPS communicates with the overhead satelites can be a frustation. The Izzo’s are super fast (they even update while you’re on a cart) while others may need a minute or so to give you an accurate reading.

  • Accuracy

Goes without saying, there’s little point in having a range finder that doesn’t give you an accurate reading. Laser range finders are typically more accurate and versitile enough to measure the distance to whatever you want (eg. hazards). GPS watches on the other hand require updating via satellite and for the most part are spot on.

If you regularly play a course where it’s ‘out’ you can always try customer support and see if they’ll update their maps.

  • Is It Easy to Read (at a glance?)

There’s nothing worse than having to squint at a screen. The Garmin S1 has a really nice large watch face, no glasses necessary while the Golf Buddy World GPS Range Finder is a good machine but pain in the butt to read in the sun. Find some shade!

  • Customer Support

Fingers crossed you won’t need it especially from the larger companies with an invested interested and permanent place in the market. You want a company that stands behind their product if maps are out or you have any problems.

  • Are you likely to lose it?!

If you’re a clutz (who lose their head if it wasn’t screwed on) then I sympathize. Think twice before spending $300 on your range finder only to leave it on the 9th hole.

Get a GPS that clips to your belt or go one better and get a watch permanently stuck to your wrist!

You might be laughing… until you lose it (or it falls out of your bag)!

Finally, as mentioned early, price is an obvious factor when you compare golf gps systems and range finders — prices vary from $70 all the way up and above $300 for super accurate laser range finder.

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