nRange Golf GPS to Turn You Blackberry into a Range Finder

nRange Golf GPS for Apple and AndroidThe nRange Golf GPS is a Blackberry App that’s been doing the ’rounds’ for a few years now but far from dated and unpopular.

With the nRange Golf GPS you get:

  • Free download on your Blackberry, Android or iPhone
  • Automatic online access to courses
  • Fast and accurate yardage
  • Overhead aerial maps for distances to hazards
  • Measure you shot distances
  • Keep track of your scoring and statistics
  • Realtime leaderboard between foursomes
  • Regular updates and new mapped courses continue to be added (this app is here for the long run)

There’s no need for an expensive Golf GPS rangefinder…. the nRange Golf GPS does it all!

Like most rangefinders and GPS systems there is a degree of controversy and skepticism over how much they help and if you’ll become a ‘lazy’ golfer.

The reality differs for everyone.  Some folk rely too much on their range finder forgetting that correct club selection doesn’t really matter if you can hit a ball cleanly!  What they do is give you absolute confidence when selecting the club to play.

Users will tell you they play alongside others who’ve spent $300 on the latest range finder… only to find the readings and only yards apart.

With courses added and updated regularly the only downside is that it can be a little ‘tricky’ to read due to the small icons.

What’s less obvious is that while the app is free you only get three courses for free.  If you play multiple courses (or are on golfing holiday) then you’re going to have to upgrade.

The two options currently available are:

  1. Lifetime of the phone for $29
  2. Lifetime (can be transferred to any supporting phone) for $85

Popular alternatives include the BlackBerry GPS Golf (BBGPSGolf) and Greenfinder (which has a yearly fee).

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