The Best Cheap Golf GPS Devices for $100 Bucks Online

You Don’t Want a Cheap Golf GPS — You Want the Best Value Golf GPS

Dear golfer,

If you’ve been scouting around for not a ‘cheap golf gps’ device but the BEST value for money golf gps on the market then stop right here.

We’ve scoured the ever competitive marketplace for the top three golf gps devices for under 100 bucks (or thereabouts) available online.

So let’s get started…

Our Number #1: The Bushnell Neo Plus Golf GPS

Golf GPS Bushnell Neo PlusNot to be confused with the ‘Bushnell Neo’, the Neo PLUS is a small, compact and very tidy golf gps that really delivers on value for money.

A fraction over the 100 dollar mark at $109.99, for only $35 more than the Izzo, it’s a great buy. With over 25,000 courses already mapped it gives you an accurate measurement of the distance to the front, middle and back of the green.

The lightweight device clips right onto your belt and will automatically recognize the hole you are on with an auto-advance feature as you move onto the next hole.

The all important battery life lasts an impressive 16 hours and is re-chargeable so you’re not going to spend a small fortune on new AA batteries.

For a shade over $100 the Neo Plus is over favorite, cheap golf gps on the market. It’s our number 1 choice because it also comes with a handy feature that lets you add 4 custom points to each and every hole — particularly useful for your local course.

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Close Second Place: Izzo Golf Swami 3000 Enhanced Golf GPS

Izzo Swami 3000 - a cheap golf gpsThe Izzo came a close second to the Bushnell Neo PLUS. We only rated the Neo Plus higher because it more raving fans by a longshot.

For a superb $76.96 at Amazon this simple little device has over 19,000 courses worldwide and comes with a re-chargeable lithium battery that lasts approximately 12 hours.

While the Neo PLUS has a better battery, more course and the handy ‘custom point feature’ the Izzo does have an advantage when it comes to the speed with which it updates. You can be whizzing around in a golf cart and where most GPS devices take a moment to keep up… the Izzo is (somehow) adjusting without fail. Ok so you don’t need distance as you drive, but that’s impressive!

The Izzo Golf Swami 3000 comes a very close runner up to the Bushnell Neo PLUS.

Trailing in 3rd: The Whistler GLF-125 Golf GPS by Golf Digest

Whister GLF GPS by Golf DigestFinally we got the Whistler GLF. For the same price as the Izzo you get a small, very easy to use golf gps device from Golf Digest. While the device itself is super-easy to use you can only play 9 holes at a time. So you play the front 9, turn the device off and then back-on again so it can update for the back 9.

That plus you only get 5 holes mapped and have to pay an additional $29.95 for unlimited courses pushes the real price upwards of $100. You might as well just shell out for the Neo Plus with it’s extra features and longer battery life.

I recommend the Bushnell or Izzo over the Whistler over the GPS by Golf Digest

The Best Cheap Golf GPS Device

By a long shot, the best cheap golf gps we’ve found online is the Bushnell Neo Plus with the Izzo coming a close second. The Whistler GLF-125 is good but an outsider and we believe you’d be better going for the Izzo that retails for the same price or investing a little more on the Bushnell Neo Plus.

The best place by far for true price comparison is Amazon where you get free shipping plus (– not that I’ve ever had to return anything) a great refund policy should anything go wrong.

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