Save Over $70 on the Garmin G3 and a Video Review of the G5 Garmin Golf GPS

Here’s a feature based review of the Garmin G5.  Below I’ll also show a little trick to get a cheap golf gps, or at least pay the right money at!

It’s a little irritating and glosses over the fact that you may have problems with the battery life (there’s a lot of users who found it dying halfway around the course and decided to bring spares).

Of course you always have the smaller G3 (essentially a smaller, lightweight version of the G5) or you can check out the Garmin G6 if you want an internal re-chargeable battery with enhanced scoring and statistic capabilities.

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You can pick up the G3 for around $230, the G5 for $250 and the G6 retails around the $299 mark. From both a shipping and price perspective, Amazon typically have the best deals but you still have to be careful when you shop there.

How to Avoid Over Priced Handheld Garmin Golf GPS Devices!

I was recently browsing for the Garmin G3 and the price was $300!

I knew it wasn’t right and found this page where the G3 is only $230.  The reason is the G3 is displayed on the same page (for the lower price) — you just have to select the smaller screen option.  I’ve attached some screen shots — normally I’m a huge HUGE fan of Amazon and while their prices rock, it still pays to be careful!

Getting your golf gps cheaper

Above: The Garmin G3 is over $300 so make sure you have a ball park figure before buying!

Cheap golf GPS - Garmin G3

Above: By visiting the Garmin G5 page and clicking on the smaller screen size option it changed from a G5 to a G3 and the price a meagre $231.52!  Amazing when it’s all the same store!

And that my friend is how you pick up a cheap golf gps, or at least avoid paying too much!

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